HP Compaq t5730 Thin Client - Specificaties

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Thin clients
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December 2008
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Thin clients

Toelichting specificaties

Outstanding performance
With an AMD Sempron processor and ATI graphics, you get all the processing power you need for a great server-based computing experience, whether running general office applications or your specific line of business software on a terminal server.
Familiar Windows environment
With its familiar look and feel and support for current desktop applications, Windows XPe offers the most up-to-date thin client connectivity to Windows, mainframe and feature-rich web applications.
Highly flexible
Among the most flexible thin clients in the industry with support for local applications and broad range of peripherals.
More secure by design
Enhanced Write Filter helps prevent unauthorized application installations and virus writing to disk while HP Sygate Security Agent provides firewall, application control, intrusion prevention and policy enforcement.
Easy to deploy and manage
Choose from simple to enterprise-class management tools to quickly deploy and manage your thin clients and other IT assets.
Save space
Create a minimal-footprint client in space-constrained environments with HP Quick Release or HP Integrated Work Center Stand.
Lower TCO
Centralized management and energy efficient, solid state design means fewer help desk calls, less down time and extended product life, saving you money.