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Microsoft Surface Book 2

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Serioja Sidorov 07-01-2019
  • Product half jaar of langer in bezit
  • Product gekocht

Desing pushed too far!

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I purchased it in January 2018 for performance, portability and design reasons and my intention was to use it for development. But I received another laptop at work, and I use it very little only at home for browsing and reading eBooks. In December I was very surprised when I discovered a crack on the screen: 2 very fine lines starting above the camera and crossing all the screen to the left and right margins. My first thought: how is this possible because I am quite careful with my laptop and I don't remember that I've dropped it or bumped into anything with my laptop? Then I realized that any time I close the laptop, due to the raised hinge, the above margin of the screen hits the base and there is nothing to absorb the shock received by the screen, which is made from glass. Microsoft just pushed the design too far and did not consider that this might be a problem. Now Microsoft refuses to repair this as part of the warranty because it is a mechanical defect and is not covered by the warranty. The price to replace the screen is around 560 euro: more than many decent new laptops.


  • Design
  • Fast


  • Battery life lower than in specs
  • Fragile

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