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PieterW 19-01-2016 Product jaar of meer in bezit

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For a first drone, this cool looking quad is described to be top notch and has quite a few expectations to live up to.
It also seems to be the more evolved brother of the nano qx. Alas, it is not meant to be. It ends up being the extremely dissapointing brother.

Pro : nible quad, many options for controlling it and maybe performing some tricks with it.

Cons : Inferieur design. Inferieur materials. Inferieur build. 1) LEDs : the soldering of these things is horrible. The drone starts of with 6 Leds. After the first flight, the 2 blue Leds are starting to fail. After a few flights they are gone and the green are starting to fail. A few more flights and even those fail. Right now I am left with 2 red Leds. Soldering of these has not been done properly. 2) motor mounts : The regular nano qx has a steady frame (too steady?) with integrated motor mounts. This design has 4 seperate (modular?) motor mounts. (Easier to repair?!) These motor mounts are a huge problem. A few bumps and they get loose, break, lose stability. The plastic edge that is supposed to keep them in place is about 0.5mm of plastic. This is to prevent the mount from rotating around its axis. Well it is rubish! After one week of flying 1 mount broke and 1 got very loose. And at 10 EURO EACH!!! they are quite expensive to replace. For me this seems to be failure by design. Instabilty of loose motor mounts leads to twirling of the quad, losing all liftpower, being uncontrollable.

Save yourselves the trouble and get the regular nano qx, NOT the 3D

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