WhiteLabel Review modules (english)

Would you like to show your customers reviews about your shop or products on your own website, without putting in too much time or effort? We made it simple for you and created the Kieskeurig.nl white label review module. In a few easy steps you can implement Kieskeurig.nl’s white label review module on your own website.

How does it work?

A white label solution consists of two modules:
  • A review form for consumers where they can write reviews.
  • An API you can use to fetch reviews from Kieskeurig.nl and show those on your own website.
The choice to use both modules or just either one is yours.

What’s in it for you?

  • The Kieskeurig.nl white label review module is free and easy to implement.
  • Kieskeurig.nl checks the quality and reliability of all reviews within 24 hours.
  • Besides the reviews generated on your side, you’ll also receive all the reviews generated by Kieskeurig.nl.
  • It’s easy for customers to write a review, no need for logging in.

What are the conditions?

  • Kieskeurig.nl is the owner of all the white label generated reviews. The reviews you generate on your website will not be shown elsewhere.
  • Every single review you receive from Kieskeurig.nl has to be published.
  • Reviews generated by white label have to be published on your own website, mentioning that the source is Kieskeurig.nl.
  • Kieskeurig.nl owns the content of all reviews. You have to implement the SEO conditions to the relevant web page according to the agreement with Kieskeurig.nl.
  • All reviews are property of Kieskeurig.nl. For privacy reasons, data like names and/or e-mail addresses cannot be passed on to the third party without the explicit consent of the customer in question.

How can I start using the Kieskeurig.nl white label review module?

For more info, contact your account manager at Kieskeurig.nl. Or send an e-mail to sales@kieskeurig.nl.

More information and technical documentation