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Tiesto, DJ Nyana

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S-Trance 21-01-2005 Product jaar of meer in bezit

Algemene score

Disc I – Outdoor:

The first disc starts quietly with the bit monotone techno track Supertiel by
Reinhard Voight (labelled wrong on cd-cover!) which has only few slight
variations in the first 4 minutes but luckily the track gets more drive at
about 5 minutes and a minute later Chutney starts to blend into the previous
It's another techno sounding tune which has a quite long breakdown in the
beginning and then builds up with a loud wish-wash sound. For me one of the
minor tracks on the album because it has no good drive really. The mixing into
the next track is quite nice though. Chutney and Acapulco mix well together! ;)
Acapulco by The Ambush, a project by Oliver –LSG- Lieb, is a nice sounding
tribal-techno track with a familiar sounding voice. After 3½ short minutes
Tiësto mixes Frank Biazzi's remix of Obsession into his set, another techno
styled track which quite annoyed because of the monotonic sound of the whole
production. It never really gets interesting.

But after a few minutes things change and Planisphere's (50% Airwave) Totem
enters; also an techno styled track but more trancy and with a fatter basskick.
After 2½ minutes a superb 3 minutes breakdown with a dreamy melody kicks in ..
and the techno sounds continues.
At about 7 minutes the next track is knocking at the turntables-door; it's
Darren Tate and Jono Grant's Let The Light Shine In. Now it's trance again: a
massive string and melody line kick in. At about 2 minutes the main melody
grabs your ears and it won’t let go. Let The Light Shine In! This is why Tiësto
called this disc ‘Outdoor’: Let The Light Shine In is a great
stadium-trance-track :D
Then Inca follows. A track by Midway, one of Ralph –Ralphie B- Barendse's
handles. A nice track with a great synth line and a good drive. It's a nice
bridge between Let The Light Shine In to Tiësto's own track Nyana which is, in
my opinion, one of the best tracks on this mix-compilation.
Nyana has such a great structure and many different melodies that really fit
well into one another. Together with a strong bassline this is a killer tune!
Oh and next it's Tiësto's remix of Cor Fijneman's Venus (Meant To Be Your
Lover) with the beautiful voice of Jan Johnston. A quite dark sounding trance
track with a deep bassline. For me not really outstanding but nevertheless a
nice track.

When Venus fades out a superb track follows: the dark sounds of Tears From The
Moon by Conjure One and Sinéad O’Conner. Great melodies, vocals and drive build
up this track towards the 3 minutes mark. Tiësto shows his great remixing
skills here! After the short breakdown the track gets even darker and darker.
Although really good, I liked the first 3 minutes best. Anyway at about 5
minutes, Tiësto shows some good mixing skills with a quite long transition
(more than a minute) into Ton T.B's Electronic Malfunction, which is quite nice
but not outstanding to me. The track is build around a distorted sine shaped
sound and overused voice samples but it has a good drive.
Love Angel by The Gift (50% M.I.K.E.) follows, a more dreamy sound with a
typical Push ‘Strange Worlds’ basskick, percussions and bassline style. Not
bad, but I can’t quite figure out where the track is going to. It seems that it’
s building up towards .. the next track. It has no real ‘main theme’. Ah well,
as a bridge between Electronic Malfunction and Urban Shakedown it's OK. Urban
Shakedown by Solar Factor (one of M.I.K.E.'s other handles) is somehow better
in my opinion than Love Angel because it has more variation. Tiësto closes this
set with a superb track called Mistral by GTR which has a great deep spacey
sound and a killer melody. Great track to end a set with! Simply ‘wow’ :D

Disc I of Tiësto's Nyana mix-cd compilation contains a descent mixed set of
techno and trance tracks which vary from average to superb. Overall this simply
is a quality mix-cd!

Rating: 7/10

Disc II – Indoor:

The Indoor set launches with Destiny Sunrise by Catcher, a dreamy track with a
small xylophone tune. It really sets the mood for this second mix, nice
opening! Then In Your Eyes by Orange 3 follows, a more progressive sounding
tune. After about 4 minutes Mavie Marcos’ beautiful voice takes over; the
Gabriel & Dresden remix of Beautiful Things is magnificent. Good drive and a
superb breakdown introduces the even nicer main melody. I guess this is how
‘vocal trance’ is meant to be? :)
Solarstone vs Sirocco is catching up next with their track Destination which
has a great dramatic melody-line. In the same dreamy trance state Tiësto
continues with Solarstone's remix of U Write The Rules by Young Parisians; a
nice combination of a vocoder voice, a small guitar melody and trance sounds.
In a quite nice transition Tiësto introduces a more darker sounding progressive
techno-trance track with strangely cut up vocals; the 93 returning mix of
Holden & Thompson's Nothing.
And the dreamy state doesn’t end here. A more friendly sounding Forever Waiting
by Mr. Sam vs Fred Baker enters. But after about 1½ minutes a more techy sound
is mixed in as well. Not too bad, but not really that interesting in my
opinion. Still well produced!

Another superb Gabriel & Dresden choon follows: Motorcyle – As The Rush Comes.
It's the Exclusive Demo mix btw :) Jes Brieden's vocals together with the deep
melody make this track a bit more extraordinary, superb!
Then the mix gets a bit more drive with the Tiësto vs Filterheadz's remix of
Never, a track by The Roc Project and vocals by Tina Arena. The first part is
quite nice, the same for the breakdown that follows and like a progressive
track Never continues the same as the first part. Then at 4½ minutes it seems
that a new track is mixed in, but no, it turns out to be some sort of ‘part 2’
of this track with a new melody-line. Nice melody, but I liked the first part
Anyway, another quite long transition follows at about 8½ minutes; it's the
B-side of Smart System's Step 1 track called Morgentau (Spring mix). A pretty
straight forwarded trance track with some nice percussions. Nice but not so
special to me.

Let's see what track 11 brings: Requiem For A Dream by Leama. An interesting
title, sounds promising … and it is! The track has a great deep sounding tubed
main melody and later on some nice nature jungle FX sounds and a variation on
the main melody. 7 minutes of pure listening pleasure :)
Anjunabeats’ P.O.S. follows with Remember (Summer Sun), a Chicane-styled track
with a good drive and a nice piano melody. Tiësto closes this set with the
spacey and dreamy sound of North Pole by Solid Globe. At the breakdown Solid
Globe introduces the main melody which fits perfectly into the track and will
stay in your head for a long while! Just amazing, a killer tune ….

Disc II of Tiësto's Nyana mix-cd compilation is full of dreamy trance tracks
which are basically all great. Overall a better set than the first disc, but it
has less variation in styles than disc I (although that's no shame!)

Rating: 8/10

Overall: 7.5/10


lennart cornelis 27-06-2003 Product paar dagen in bezit

Algemene score

erg goeie cd, vooral Let the light shine in - Darren Tate vs Jono Grant vond ik
erg goed, 2 cd's vol goeie trance gewoon, echte aanraader