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March 2012
Introductie model
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November 2017
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For simple and accurate recording of time and location information, Canon's compact GPS Receiver GP-E2 is the perfect complement to the EOS System. The GP-E2 records location information such as longitude, latitude, elevation, direction and Universal Coordinated Time (UTC) as EXIF data, while also serving as an electronic compass on camera or off. Versatile connectivity options include USB and hot shoe connections with the EOS 5D Mark III and the EOS-1D X (USB connection only with the EOS 7D); smart design and rugged construction ensures reliability plus the ability to be used as a standalone GPS recorder. The newest GPS system designed specifically for the EOS system, the GP-E2 is an ideal tool for photographers on the move.

- Rugged and lightweight design
- Records location information (longitude, latitude, elevation, direction, and universal coordinated time (UTC)) as EXIF information to images when shooting
- Can act as a standalone GPS logger
- On-board electronic compass
- Camera time can be synched by the built-in atomic clock
- Uses a conveniently replaceable AA battery as its power source so no energy is drawn from the camera's battery
- Hot shoe or USB terminal connectivity

To be able to endure a photographer's travels, Canon designed the GP-E2 to share the same rugged and durable exterior construction as the EOS 5D Mark III DSLR body while still remaining compact and lightweight. Able to withstand harsh weather conditions, the GPS Receiver GP-E2* is a great enhancement to the EOS 5D Mark III for those who wish to take their EOS system out into even the most remote environments.