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Dania Saporito 31-03-2017
  • Product paar maanden in bezit

One of my worst purchases

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I am absolutely disappointed about this product (purchased on Jan 29th 2017). Although the design looked nice, as of the moment it was installed , it started to make a 'beep' noise every time I use it. The strength of the plate is also very low: I can hardly fry using a large pan. After my complaint, it took a month to get a technician at home. He came today just to tell that 1) I use wrong pans - while these were the same I used for my previous induction plate and on that one they did not cause any noise or issues; 2) I had pans older than 5 years - while instead some of them are just new and some of them, even though dated, are in perfect condition (plus they are guaranteed for 30 years!); 3) I don't have a 'feeling' about how to use an induction plate - while that's what I have been using since 2005 with no issue at all!; 4)I had the wrong expectation about the product - while I think it cannot be wrong to expect that a cooking plate does allowing cooking without noise and at a reasonable quality/speed! This will be my first and last Inventum's purchase and I would never recommend this product to anyone.


  • Noisy
  • Not sufficiently powerful
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