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Rollei Degas DPF 12"

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August 2017
May 2017
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Toelichting specificaties

- With photo, video, music, calendar and clock function
- Brightness and contrast adjustable
- Power on / off time controlled
- Incl. removable bracket and wall mountable
- Incl. remote control

Rollei Degas DPF 12" Multimedia Picture Frame
The current possible solutions of digital cameras, Smartphones or DSLRs can no longer be practically represented on these devices. The integrated displays are simply much too small for the pin-sharp, large sized image formats.Before printing out your holiday memories on high-quality DIN A4 format photographic paper for a lot of money perhaps you should take a look at theRollei Degas DPF 12" multimedia picture frame.With a diagonal screen size of 30.48 cm and a resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels you have sufficient resources to be able to take a good look at even very high-resolution pictures.

Bigger, brighter and sharper – the 12" TFT LED Panel
Simply take the memory card from your digital camera and insert it in your multimedia picture frame and playback will start automatically. The specially developed background software immediately recognizes the most popular image, video and audio formats.You can put together a slideshow using your images. You can select the suitable speed and accompany your photos or illustrations with music.The slot accepts SD, SDHC and MMC memory cards. Please use one of the adaptors for a Micro SD.Thus the frame is suitable for multimedia usage..

Home entertainment or customer information in business
The Rollei Degas DPF 12" is ideally suitable for use inside your own four walls – and also as a multimedia hub for commercial use on business premises, in offices and conference rooms or in the reception area in order to bridge the time gap during waiting periods for visitors with interesting information or entertainment content.The possibility of also attaching the multimedia picture frame directly to a wall opens further perspectives as a component of a modern interior design.The Rollei Degas DPF-12“ receives the necessary energy by means of a provided power pack.